Freestanding Baths – Tub Types

In recent history, with the advances in technology and the demands of a successful career, baths have taken something of a backseat in the household hygiene department. It seems that in most homes nowadays they are overlooked in favour of their more... Read More

Safety on Roads: Checking your Tyres

Most parts of the car play an integral part in running it smoothly and safe. But tyres play an incredibly big part in road safety – they are the only part of the vehicle that actually grip the road. Driving, accelerating and braking as well as the... Read More

Why Car Insurance Costs More for People Under 25

You’ve probably heard it, perhaps you’ve even dealt with it yourself, and maybe you’ve wondered why this is the case.  Why does car insurance cost more for people under the age of 25?  The answer?  Well, it’s a mix of several different... Read More

10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina has many appealing features for tourists. Admire Recoleta’s elegant and classic architecture. Enjoy Palermo’s plethora of designer shops. Have a nice glass of wine under the plane trees. Buenos Aires offers a... Read More

Get Rid of Scratches on Your Car

Having your car’s paint job scratched can be very upsetting, especially if the car is new or if the scratch is really large and hideous.  Some scratches come from accidents, but others are done on purpose by malicious people or teens playing... Read More

5 Mandatory Elements for a Modern Cinderella

We grew up with Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many more fairytale stories that made us believe in true love, friendship and family. Probably one of the most beloved children’s stories is that of Cinderella, because it encourages us to... Read More

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Many drivers today are looking for ways to make a car more eco-friendly. This is because of the volume of emissions a single vehicle can release into the atmosphere when it is driven a few miles every day. An eco-friendly car is one that is efficient,... Read More

8 Of The Worlds Best Ski Resorts

Snow is beginning to fall, resorts are opening their doors and excited skiers and snowboarders are clamouring to get their spot on some of the best slopes in the world. Beginners and novices alike will be donning their finest ski jackets, goggles and... Read More

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